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Best Polish TV online: try and see it for yourself

Missing Poland while living abroad? We are offering you three days of free Polish TV starting now. PolBox.TV is one of the top global providers of internet TV and radio in the Polish language. Enjoy the exquisite Premium package during this trial period. Then stay and join us for a longer run, picking from the variety of propositions satisfying all kinds of demands for online TV.

Watch Polish TV free online for 3 days!

In the era of the Internet, why do we still watch TV? Different people have different reasons for that. Mostly, television is pure entertainment. It is an indispensable source of information. But it also becomes a great supplement for family’s morning breakfasts and dinners, friends’ get-togethers for watching a sports game or a movie. With the television, find comfort, and feel attached to our family and to the wider world beyond our immediate environment.

Polish television online is a great source of information and inspiration for the Poles who are currently living in other countries all over the world. The large international internet television provider PolBox.TV is welcoming you to share and enjoy the pleasure of watching Polish TV on the Internet. For its new customers, the company is introducing free 3-day access to all the features of internet TV without any limitations.

Free Polish TV for 3 days, the experience of a lifetime

Online television delivered by PolBox.TV is a unique combination of advantages of two different technologies. It complements the features of regular TV with the benefits of the internet connection. Among them, there are the following:

  • 24/7 access to more than 100 channels and 3.000 movies, as well as and a most popular radio stations in the Polish language
  • Direct streaming to any kind of device, including a TV set, PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Get the videos in HD quality with a good internet connection, turn on ‘Eco mode’ with a poor one
  • Watch different content simultaneously on different media
  • Shift the program schedule and record broadcasts to watch them later
  • Limit access to certain content for some of your household members (‘Parental lock’ for kids)
  • Enjoy interactive features of traditional TV channels provided by the internet

Watch Polish TV free online for three days of the trial period, and join the community of PolBox.TV customers afterward. We have one of the largest online communities for our clients where we share and improve our experiences related to the application of internet TV. Along with that, 24-hour technical support is available for all the customers of the provider.